How Strong is a Giant Human?

4,000 years ago construction commenced on huge almost impossible buildings throughout the Earth. When we visit sites like Stone henge, Baalbek, and Cuzco, Peru we find what is termed megalithic structures. We also find that in each case at these megalithic sites, the builders, spoken of by the locals, were giant humans.

However we see no evidence today to support this theory. Most all giant humans  suffer from acromegaly.  Giants are weak diseased people, not capable of lifting heavy objects. When you consider these blocks of stone were 2,10, 300 and even 1,200 tons moving them without a mega cranes seems unpractical if not impossible.

However there was a 19th century giant named Angus MacAskill that was super strong. He was a natural “genetic” giant. Very rare, standing at 7’9″ and with an arm span of over 10ft. Angus gave us a glimpse of what those alleged builders of fantastic buildings were capable.

Angus himself weighed 450lbs. and as an extreme example of his strength he once lifted a 2,000 anchor and carried it down a pier”

So as a possible explanation of genetic giants building these palaces be too simple? Allow me to stretch that a bit further and suggest that were we at the beginning created as giant, beautiful humans and through the process of de-evolution we have “dumbed down” to where we are today? That our direct ancestors built these magnificent edifices and not some “E.T.”?

To hear the whole story of Angus and his amazing feats of strength, see our Giants Section in our store.

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