Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Regarding the question of origins…Darwin said it’s the struggle for fitness, The Bible, by special creation and Von Daniken – Aliens got us to where we are today. And when you follow the pathway Evolution promotes we are safe from criticism as far as the media and schools are concerned. Not so if you adhere to the Alien theory and or Creationism, expect ridicule.

However there are hundreds of artifacts, documents and traditions that speak of a history that contradicts the way we were taught in school and reinforced in print and TV.

Again, scientists  say “We have evolved! Man has gotten smarter and more advanced in the last 10,000 years.”  Have they or have we only begun to regain that which we have lost? Experts ignore model planes found in an egyptian tomb from 200BC. They dismiss 300 mega-ton stones being lifted up and down the sides of mountains because they can’t explain it. They just accept that it was done, period.

To sum it up, when you view all the scientific evidence and I mean ALL. And do so from a creationist mindset, things come together better, simpler and clearer in its totality. When we realize man before the flood  was taller, extremely intelligent, incredibly strong and long-lived you begin to see how the extraordinary (300 ton stones) to us was to them…ordinary.

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