Who are the Genesis 6 Giants?

Long, long ago, in a time almost forgotten, there were giants in the land. You have possibly heard about dragonflies with 29-inch wingspans, giant sloths standing 17 ft at the shoulder, 10 ft tall kangaroos and the very familiar over sized lizards called dinosaurs, but did you know there are many human giants in our history?
Giants of superhuman strength, wisdom and cunning have littered the field of mythology and ancient civilizations. According to legend they are responsible for technology and construction feats, unimagined by contemporary man. The great architecture, temples and cities all owe their intricate, celestial coordination and massiveness to their influences.
So, where did these giants come from?  What evidence has been found?  Why haven’t we heard more about this before? These are just some of the questions that Stephen Quayle discusses in his book, Genesis 6 Giants. It provides you with the key to unlocking prehistory and exploring our (probable) origins. Order your copy today!

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