Update: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019

Is Genesis provable? Most critics say “NO!” Now a Museum plans to explore the origins question in an interesting unique format and display method.

After 19 years of pre-planning, Bibleland Studios happily announces the opening of the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, New York  summer 2019.

Over the next several months you will get the events leading up to the opening of the Museum and so before you begin your trek to New York, travel over the digital superhighway to www.LostWorldMuseum.com

The debate of where humans came from is far from over but new exciting thought provoking elements are about to weigh in. Prepare to see things that you never knew existed. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls may I introduce to you the Lost World Museum.   Click here to begin the journey and decide for your self is it Apes, Aliens or Adam?

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