Darwin’s Mistake

Could Darwin have possibly made a mistake? Impossible you say? If Darwin had known about the evidence found in Dr. Hans J. Zillmer book Darwin’s Mistake, would Charles Darwin have renounced his position and re-joined the ranks of Creationists?
See why author Dr. Hans J. Zillmer’s case is so compelling.
Read about dinosaurs and other large fossils found UPRIGHT in rock. Does this imply rapid burial? How do evolutionary scientists account for these phenomena?
What about human artifacts found in coal? We all know coal is 100 – 300 million years old and that humans are supposedly 3-5 million. What does it mean to find a thimble, a brass bell or iron pot in coal? Could humans have been around when coal was formed?
Why do ancient maps show an iceless Antarctica with mountain ranges and lakes? What really happened during the Flood? Were there four ice ages spanning millions of years or just one after the flood that slowly covered the poles as man was first exploring them.
See nine different examples of Dinosaurs depicted in ancient artworks before Dinos were discovered and understood. If what we are seeing is true, then it means man and Dinos were contemporaneous of each other. Imagine man harnessing a Stegosaurs or a T-Rex readying to go into battle. What would Darwin have said about this?
The book’s 230 pages are packed with every imaginable evidence chipping away at evolution’s seemingly immoveable foundation stones. Certainly a challenge to the 200 years of preconceived opinions we have inherited.

Don’t make the same mistake Darwin did. Conclusions regarding our origins require that we examine all the evidence available.

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