Daredevil Evel Knievel Makes One Last Jump

Who can forget the man who was the front runner to today’s impossible dirt bike ramp jumps of over 300 feet. Robert Knievel christened “Evel” while briefly incarcerated early on in his 69 year life went on to entertain the world with his Harley Davidson wheelies and life threatening jumps to the Snake River Canyon near disaster. Evel lived high on the hog most of his life. Anything he wanted he had, anything he wanted to do, he did. Several documentaries and books have revealed most of good and much of the bad in Evel’s prodigal life. However just before he was laid to rest in 2007, his closing chapter perhaps you missed. It’s a jump that is infinitely longer and the more satisfying than any in his career.

I believe Knievel would have appreciated me not giving it all away so I’ll let the man take center stage and give it to us in his own words. This brief 9 min. YouTube video interview is one of the most moving of its kind.

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