Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

As many race towards being the first to plant their flat on top of Noah’s Ark. The Chinese have zeroed in on the west side of Ararat and believe they have found the famed vessel. An ice cave has been found in this area that resembles the ark. Time and investigation will tell.

Meanwhile no one, including millionaire Dan McGivern, were issued permits. Last summer in 2004, after announcing he would spend $900,000 traveling to a spot on a satellite photograph which he claimed had great possibilities to be Noah’s Ark, he was forced to stay at the base of the mountain, as they would not issue him a permit.

The Chinese are confident they have indeed found Noah’s Ark and have announced its discovery late in the fall of 04. Veteran Ark explorers are frustrated with people who are too quick announcing a find. Ark explorer Elfred Lee has said repeatedly that the “Johnny come lately” all make their press releases and wave their banners that they have found the Ark while suffering the public to think that Noah’s Ark is on the same level as Bigfoot. Only to discover soon after anyone’s “Major announcement” they find out it’s not the Ark.

The race continues this summer in Turkey. Some will wait patiently at the mountain’s base for a permit they may never get. Who will win that coveted prize of holding a press conference live via satellite at hull of Noah’s Ark?  Whoever does, it can be sure, we will all be winners when Noah’s Ark is discovered

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