Was Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Ever wonder what those thick beetle browed, half ape, half human skulls could possible be that pale-anthropoligists find? Are they an ape species or  mankind in the process of our evolutionary developmental  journey?

I found a plausible answer in the book The Evolution Cruncher . The book by Vance Ferrell not only gave me this (new) plausible answer for the above question but it goes on to give hundreds origin solutions in a fun and yet comprehensive 928 page book. You get to see many of the points debated between creationists and evolutionists,  making this a paperback scientific encyclopedia.

The problem is neither Creationists nor Evolutionists have all the answers. But evolutionists on the other hand believe their case is so airtight that you rarely get to see both sides considered side by side with equality. As one evolutionist said in May 3rd 2005 article in the USA Today “ To debate Evolution is similar to debating whether the Earth is round.” With that kind of limiting mindset we would have never progressed out of the Stone Age if there was one.

Let me share with you a few topics in this exciting thick book then I’ll give you the answer to the question of ape men.

  • Why The Earth Is Not Millions of Years Old
  • Evolutionary Hoaxes
  • Why A Fish Cannot Turn Into A Mammal
  • Humans Found In 28 Million Year Old Strata
  • How Materials Are Dated
  • 21 Inch Human Footprints?

Now on to the answer to the question on the ape-man skulls and that it could be interpreted as.

Vance suggests that what we are seeing are not adult semi-humans but in fact Young monkey skulls which in fact look similar to young human skeletons. There is a pre-flood ape called Gigantopithicus. He is in the fossil record and stood 8-9 feet tall. Since young human and ape skeletons look similar then why can’t Lucy and other ape looking human skulls be the young offspring of the Gigantopithcus? Pretty simple.

Is this explanation the answer? Maybe and maybe not. The point is this was a new idea.  And until the scientific community is willing to interpret the evidence from an unbiased approach and give us all possible solutions, can we trust what comes to us in the textbooks, magazines and the TV cable programs as being objective science?

It’s out pleasure to make available a FREE pdf download of this out of print book. CLICK HERE

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