Is Noah’s Ark in Iran?

Yes the fames ship remarked by many to be on Mount Ararat in Turkey may not be the mountain where the ark rests. You see the Bible states that the ark rested on the mounts of Ararat – not mount (singular) of Ararat. This could indicate a region as opposed to a specific single mountain.  Now travel east from Baghdad (Tower of Babel) to the first significant mountain range and what do you see? The mountains in Iran; the Zagros Mountains are possibly the final resting spot of the Ark.  So as we put the pieces together and investigate all possibilities I’d say that any good-sized mountain range east of Babylon should get on the list of potential ark sites.

Enter Bob Cornuke, explorer, PhD, founder of the Archeology Search and Exploration Institute and an “Arkeologist”.  Empty searches on Mount Ararat caused Bob to study Genesis for clues to the Ark’s location.  This led him to Iran. Even though his ideas were contrary to popular arkeologist’s opinion, when he amassed enough evidence that the Ark maybe located there he contacted other veteran ark researchers and in Jan 2005 they flew to hear him out.  Cornuke said he had new and important information to share about the Ark’s possible location in the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

Elfred Lee was one of those invited and for good reason. Elfred has been searching for the ark since 1969, but on Mount Ararat. He has interviewed two credible eyewitnesses George Hagapion and Ed Davis and brought down ancient wood encased in the ice above the tree line of Mount Ararat. I asked Elfred his opinion after the secret meeting.  He said he liked what he heard but was not convinced.

So where is the ark?  Follow Bob Cornuke’s fascinating story including his meeting with  astronaut and ark explorer, Jim Irwin and getting bitten with “Ark Fever”.   Undaunted by his friend Jim Irwin’s near death experience story, he accepted Irwin’s invitation to accompany him on his next expedition.  Not knowing his journey would someday include multiple arrests and fleeing for his life…and not on Mount Ararat but in neighboring Iran! To take the Noah’s Ark (alternate) journey, you can find Cornuke’s book aptly titled     Ark Fever Here.

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