Noah’s Ark Found! …or another near miss.

Mt. Ararat & Lesser Ararat

A Hong Kong based Christian media company, The Media Evangelism, has made the claim that they have found and documented Noah’s Ark! It took them 4 years to get the proper permission to get on Mount Ararat and according to their web site something extraordinary took place on October 19, 2004. At an elevation of 13,650 ft., clearing as much of the ice and mud as they could, they believe the object they saw and filmed is Noah’s Ark. Night vision equipment was used to shoot inside the black interior of this wooden manmade cave like object.

What’s the next step? The plans for the coming year include a special sharing meeting in Hong Kong on December 5, 2004. The footage shot last fall will be used in a documentary to be released on Easter 2005 and a trip back to Ararat is scheduled later in the summer.

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