Evolution Then & Now by Richard Hatch

30 years ago I was taught uniformitarianism that is that everything you see in the geological record has happened over billions of years. NOTHING occurred quickly as in a catastrophic manner. Today it is generally believed that much of what occurred on our planet happened quickly. Most notable are the theories of impacts by comets or asteroids that caused complete extinctions and continent separation within years and perhaps months.

Some may say “that’s science moving forward”. No it’s not. It is not progress when one concept makes the other one totally false or in more strong language, one makes the other one a lie. Einstein built on Newton. Newton’s Laws of gravitation were not made false by Einstein’s theories of relativity; they were verified. None of the work by Boyle, Kepler, Volta, Avogadro, Mendeleev has proven to be wrong in our modern scientific world. Their work has always been validated and then built upon. What has been happening with evolutionary “truths” on the other hand is that about every 20 years or so you have complete destruction of the structure and foundation and something entirely new being built.

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