GIANTS Seminar: Coming to a City Near You

Giants are about the most fascinating subject that you never hear talked about. Who were they? Where did they come from? Did they even exist? Bibleland Studios announces the first in a series of ancient man seminars titled The Evidence of Giants that is kicking off its eastern United States tour this month.

Our first stop was Syracuse, NY at the Westvale SDA Church on January 15th. Then we were off to Philly, PA on April 2nd (see above flyer). A touring schedule for this fascinating presentation will be posted soon.

Each audience will be captivated as 60 slides will bring sights seldom or never seen as John shares exciting stories like; how much does a giant eat, how fast can they run and how strong are they? Plus he will showcase actual Giant artifacts like a Keds Sneaker fit for a 12-foot man. I cannot give anymore away but a few photos will show up in our gallery showing part of the seminar later this month, so stay tuned. Hope to see you there and please look for me…I’ll be the tall guy in the back. To schedule you own Giants Seminar please contact us at

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