Chariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”

There are basically 3 serious categories, theories if you will, that do the best job of explaining the question of origins: Evolution, Creationism and the Alien Connection. Each has its limitations in credulity, evidences and the interpretation thereof. Each are also fantastic stories that can make sense, especially when told around a campfire on a late summer night.

The Alien-Connection idea popularized in 1969-1974 in the book and movie titled Chariots of the gods is an  idea originated because the advanced ingenuity of certain ancient remnants of humankind like the 4,000 year old megalithic structures and other evidences of technology puzzled it’s author. Though we disagree with Erik von Daniken’s premise and conclusion of Alien intervention, his sound reasoning and fascinating examples from around the world at least answer the hard questions scientists ignore regarding the anomalous evidences in the record of our earliest human existence.

However Von Daniken inadvertently adds another problem into the issue of origins: where do aliens come from? The answer some give is that “evolution” advancement took place ahead of us and they got here because of that.

Hmm…Ok…however if you apply the same evidences to the Creation theory, then all the technology, all the advanced construction techniques, would be attributed to a race of people created 6000 years ago: magnificently tall and proportioned, extremely intelligent and long-lived and that they were responsible for the fantastic artifacts left behind that we see in this compelling film Chariots of the gods.

Rent it at your local video store or grab a DVD of it in our store.  Put some popcorn in the microwave, sit back and get ready for an incredible ride. Then at the conclusion, ask yourself this provocative question; Was it Apes, Aliens or Adam?

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