Costa Rican (Megalithic) Stone Spheres

While on a trip to Costa Rica we discovered a series of anomalous artifact in this wonderful eco-friendly Spanish speaking country, 8 degrees north of the equator.  They are known as Bolo balls and there are over 300 that liter C.R.

How big are they?  Some are taller than me! Up to 2 meters or 6′ 6″.  There have been hundreds found and what’s more interesting is that they are also up a hill on an island nearby. And the heaviest is 15 tons! Just how did they create these giant spheres and then move them about so freely?

The most common explanation seems to be that they were made by natural forces from rocks being tumbled in the river…. Wow. Now that takes a stretch to believe. Because when you are face to face with a sphere and as you wonder after it, because of the perfectly symmetrical shape, you realize “Mother Nature did not carve these, a human did!

In the end there are more mysteries than we have answers for but what a cool world we live in to have enigmas like this! And isn’t just possible, that they made them simply because they were technologically advanced? Meaning “they had the ability” Ability? I thought these people had one foot in the stone age? Well whatever the answer is it has to fit under one of these 3 competing philosophies:  Apes, Aliens of Adam? You decide.

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