Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

As many race towards being the first to plant their flat on top of Noah’s Ark. The Chinese have zeroed in on the west side of Ararat and believe they have found the famed vessel. An ice cave has been found in this area that resembles the ark. Time and investigation will tell. Meanwhile no … Read moreNoah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

Was Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Ever wonder what those thick beetle browed, half ape, half human skulls could possible be that pale-anthropoligists find? Are they an ape species or  mankind in the process of our evolutionary developmental  journey? I found a plausible answer in the book The Evolution Cruncher . The book by Vance Ferrell not only gave me this (new) plausible answer … Read moreWas Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Noah’s Ark: Eyewitnesses & Expeditions

In an interview with Ark Explorer Elfred Lee and Washington D.C. radio talk show host Jerry Fuller, the following is a brief transcript to a most engaging conversation regarding the famed vessel Noah’s Ark. We pick up here in mid conversation: Fuller: You say it has been seen? Lee: Many have seen it. Many have written … Read moreNoah’s Ark: Eyewitnesses & Expeditions

The Eye of The Storm

One of those is Richard Dawkins, lecturer in animal behavior at Oxford University. Dawkins, an atheist, wrote a book titled, The Blind Watchmaker (W.W. Norton, 1986), in which he criticized the way the eye in vertebrates (including man) is “wired.” He asserts that the photocells in the eyes of vertebrates are “wired backwards,” a circumstance, … Read moreThe Eye of The Storm

Evolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

What do you make of a man who has built his entire career on science; teaching evolution at the graduate level for 19 years and then switches sides and becomes a creationist? Would it be the equivalent of Bill Clinton announcing tomorrow that he is a Republican? Here is the question. Can creationism really be … Read moreEvolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

Evolution Then & Now by Richard Hatch

30 years ago I was taught uniformitarianism that is that everything you see in the geological record has happened over billions of years. NOTHING occurred quickly as in a catastrophic manner. Today it is generally believed that much of what occurred on our planet happened quickly. Most notable are the theories of impacts by comets … Read moreEvolution Then & Now by Richard Hatch

Are Savants And Prodigies A Glimpse At Early Human Abilities?

There was again, and for even longer, a wondering, still silence; and then John brought out a twelve-figure number. An hour later the twins were swapping twenty-figure primes, at least I assume so, for there was no way of checking it. Nor was there any easy way, in 1966, unless one had the use of … Read moreAre Savants And Prodigies A Glimpse At Early Human Abilities?

GIANTS Seminar: Coming to a City Near You

Giants are about the most fascinating subject that you never hear talked about. Who were they? Where did they come from? Did they even exist? Bibleland Studios announces the first in a series of ancient man seminars titled The Evidence of Giants that is kicking off its eastern United States tour this month. Our first … Read moreGIANTS Seminar: Coming to a City Near You

Final Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax

Yes friends, it was a hoax. Many people including myself in the beginning looked at what appeared real hard concrete evidence and believed it was in fact an in situ genuine T-Rex looking fossil swallowing a human being. If true, this would shock the paleo-anthropology world. A teacher and his students, out west at a … Read moreFinal Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax