Help find the Evidence

Help find the Evidence

Show us your odd fossils! Do you know about a human artifact or fossil embedded in coal or stone? We want to document the oddities that traditional science likes to avoid because it doesn’t nicely fit their worldview.

As stated in our previous series of articles regarding the Dinosaur Swallowing The Human(link) fossil, we are launching a new program called Help Find The Evidence or HFTE.
This program along with the Rewards program will bring them together in one place so that both Creationists and Evolutionists can give their explanations regarding them.

For example, when an Oopart (out of place artifact) is found we need to let each side explain it from the context of their current stance and then let us see how well they do. If someone unearths a tribe of 4000-year-old 11-13 ft. tall human skeletons, what will each side say? Let me guess. Creationists will simply say that man was taller before and shortly after the flood and this is evidence that supports Genesis’s statements regarding giants. Evolutionists will probably have a problem fitting the anomalies into their family tree but both need to explain them.

In the meantime we encourage you to Help Find the Evidence. You may know someone who has a strange or technologically advanced ancient artifact or a fossil of a human footprint in stone. What ever it is we are interested in it. Only together can we solve this ancient mystery.

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