Dead Men Do Tell Tales

There are hundreds of artifacts, documents and traditions that speak of a history that contradicts the way we were taught in school and reinforced in print and TV. “We have evolved they say! Man has gotten smarter and more advanced in the last 10,000 years.” Have they or have we only begun to regain that which we have lost? Experts ignore planes from 200BC. They dismiss mega-ton stones being lifted up the side of mountains and down the next valley and up again to its resting place because they can’t explain it. They just accept that it was done, period.

So I march on beating my creationist’s drum. My contention is this, when you view all the scientific evidence and I mean ALL. And do so from a creationist mindset, things come together better, simpler and clearer in its totality. When we realize man before the flood and shortly after was taller, extremely intelligent, incredibly strong and long-lived you begin to see how the extraordinary to us was ordinary to them.

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